We build houses and condos of superior quality, located in first choice housing projects like Les Boisés de la Salette at Saint-Jérôme (Bellefeuille)


We always use quality materials when making our homes, and without any compromise.


Gagnant 28e édition du prix Domus de l'APCHQ
Domus 28th Edition Winner



  • Levelled ground.
  • Driveway and sidewalk in crushed stone
  • Rear terrace in treated wood or concrete (according to model)
  • Front entry in concrete with an aluminum ramp pre-painted in white (according to model)


  • Brick(standard) and/or vinyl (depending on model)
  • Vinyl, (or equivalent) choice of colors (depending on model)
  • Plastered on the aboveground part of the foundation


  • Foundation wall of reinforced concrete 8 "or 10" (depending on model) reinforced, waterproof layer of tar under the ground level
  • Rigid insulation foam 1 in.
  • Insulation R-12 batts and vapor barrier, total factor R-16.5 +- (or equivalent), belts sprayed urethane floor.
  • Walls made of siding, coat, air barrier, 2x6 spruce @ 16 in. o/c, (depending on model), the fiberglass insulation types or equivalence, 6mm vapor barrier, wood furring, drywall ½" factor R-24 +-


  • Embossed panel 7/16 "or equivalent and H-clips
  • Starter strip 36 in. and asphalt shingle (guaranteed 20 years, according to the manufacturer), choice of colors.
  • Roof vent type "Shingle Vent TM" (or equivalent)
  • Insulation blown cellulose type (or equivalent) factor R-35.4 +-


  • Porches, kitchen and master bath with ceramic (depending on model)
  • Other floors, staircases, false silt carpeted quality (choice of colors) or solid wood (depending on model)
  • Decorative railings varnished solid wood
  • Kitchen cabinets in wood or high quality melamine (choice of color) depending on model
  • Bathroom vanities and bathroom with high quality melamine (choice of color) depending on model
  • Molded type counters or flat laminate (choice of color) or equivalent
  • Woodwork, doors and decorative hardware (depending on model)
  • Wardrobe and lingerie shelves of openwork type, covered with low maintenance vinyl (or equivalent)


  • CPL 5/8" ept std, tongue and groove water resistant, (or equivalent) glued and nailed to openwork truss
  • Ceramic floor doubled width, lined in soft coating (depending on model specification)
  • Openwork trusses


  • Electrical input of 150 or 200 Amps type, 40 circuits (depending on model)
  • Copper wiring, or equivalent according to electrical code
  • Electric smoke detectors, connected on each floor
  • Electrical circuit for dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
  • Protected outlets (ground-fault) in the shower rooms, bathroom and outside


  • PVC water pipes without lead solder (or equivalent)
  • Cartridge valves, low maintenance.
  • Acrylic bathtub (or equivalent)
  • Fiberglass shower with glass door (depending on model)
  • Stainless steel single tub sink or a tub and a half or two tubs (depending on model)
  • Toilet water tank isolated
  • Electric water heater 40 or 60 gallons (depending on model)
  • Preparation for future dishwasher


  • Air exchanger of "VaNEE TM" type with humidistat control on the ground floor (or equivalent)
  • White range hood with 2 speeds and a outside exit; Daoust MD
  • Exterior exit ducts for dryer of type Daoust MD
  • Ventilated attic system by "Shingle-wind" MD (or equivalent)
  • Central heating or electric baseboard heater (depending on model)


  • Decorative insulated steel door, pre-painted white, and magnetic weather-stripping (or equivalent), several models available
  • Std steel insulated garage door, pre-painted white, fitted with weatherstripping of type "double blade"
  • Casement or sliding windows, white PVC, low maintenance (depending on model), standard thermal glass
  • Screens for all openable windows


  • Wiring for TV and telephone (1 output included for each depending on model)
  • Pre-cabling only
  • Anti-theft alarm cabling (depending on model)
  • Pre-cabling only
  • Pipes for future central vacuum (depending on model)


  • Certificate of location (under construction)
  • Inspection fees and loan application (if its the contractor lender)
  • Program registration of new home warranty of APCHQ (or équivalent)
  • Certified DIAMOND PALM APCHQ no 864241
  • Licence R.B.Q. no 1813-1896-46


  • Tapestry, decoration, furnishing, landscaping, gutters, air conditioning or heat pump, crown molding, paint color, alarm system, fireplace, central vacuum, door and window color, advertising material, French doors, finished garage access, etc.

N.B. : Change without notice of items mentioned above and the models

  • Some options are available on request
  • Model homes take precedence over the drawings if different