We build houses and condos of superior quality, located in first choice housing projects like Les Boisés de la Salette at Saint-Jérôme (Bellefeuille)


Gagnant 28e édition du prix Domus de l'APCHQ
Domus 28th Edition Winner


The G. Théberge Enterprise began its activities 1964,
headed by Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Majella Théberge, with will and toughness have established the foundation for a successful family business. "At the time of my father, taxation was different than today, it was possible or even advisable, to acquire land to prepare for the future. Moreover, we build on this land again, "says Guy Théberge.

We invite you to discover why three generations of new home buyers have trusted us.


The BOISÉE de la CANARDIÈRE is a success story. Located in the heart of Laval in the neighborhood CHAMP FLEURI, close to access to Highway 15 and corner of boulevard Labelle, it is one of the few wooded residential projects with more than 86 residential units ranging from $ 275 000 and $ 550 000.

This area is surrounded by many family services, such as transportation, commuter train, CLSC, elementary schools and high school, parks, arena, day care, library, shopping centers, etc.

Val St-Rose, is located near the old St. Rose, in a mature neighborhood. Completed 100% with family detached homes built on a site that may accommodate about 750. This project has several plots or half-round streets. The large triangular lands provide a pleasant environment to live with a family.

Here are some examples of sites whose team THÉBERGE can be proud of its achievement.

LE PARC DES SEIGNEURES is located on boulevard Daniel Johnson, north of St-Martin. This proposed townhouses and condos will have over 450 residential units and is currently about 50% completed. This project is located near major highways, such as highways 15 and 440, a short walk from the Carrefour Laval and transport.


Beautiful, located in St-Jerome at the gates of the Laurentians in a peaceful and natural Bellefeuille. This project will have over 600 housing units. We planned to build condo units, triplexes and single-family detached. Each building project will be integrated to ensure harmony and value. A stream adorns this magnificent project.

Housing construction is a passion and achievements are a pride for Mr. Guy Theberge and his team. Imagine the satisfaction of taking an empty lot and turn it into a family place of peace and tranquility.

Mr. Guy Théberge also served as president of the APCHQ region of Metropolitan Montreal from 2001 to 2003 and is still very involved in the administrative board. It is the largest association of home builders, with more than 2000 members in the greater Montreal area. The founders of APCHQ - Metropolitan Montreal was right, 50 years ago. By coming together well, they were instrumental in structuring our industry, "says Theberge. Over the years, the Association has become a vast network of 14 regional offices representing nearly 10,000 businesses in residential construction and renovation projects in Quebec. In the construction industry, the abundance of regulations and laws often complicates the lives of entrepreneurs. The strength of APCHQ is to influence industry stakeholders and to help companies in their daily actions.

One of the finest achievements of the APCHQ is its warranty program for new homes and renovation warranty. Since 1 January 1999, the Quebec government requires that all new homes, close to some exemptions, are built and sold by certified contractors based largely on the warranty put up by the APCHQ

The GMN "New Home Warranty of APCHQ" helps entrepreneurs, advises and makes sure they meet their obligations to home buyers. It thus ensures that contractors meet their responsibilities under the warranty. "But this is not a reason why the consumer buys their eyes closed in seeking only the good deal. He must do his homework and check with organizations such as the guarantee of APCHQ to ensure that the contractor is properly licensed and more importantly, it should not hesitate to seek information from clients-buyers who already purchased from the said contractor", according to Mr. Théberge.

He is also convinced that real estate is - and will remain one of the best investments in which more and more consumers will benefit by improving their quality of life.

Mr. Guy Théberge is a proud man who knows how to combine passion, humor and quality work.
Essential to any successful recipe.